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Are you celiac and eating at a fast food restaurant? You may have been asked this question at some point. Fortunately, every day there are more and more restaurant chains with gluten-free options that have launched to offer fast food for people with celiac disease.

In my case, I don’t usually frequent these types of restaurants, as I prefer to opt for a home-cooked meal to taste the local gastronomy of the place I visit. However, there are situations in which you are grateful that there are these types of chains, either because you are at the airport and have no food, you arrive at your destination late and there is nothing open or you don’t have enough time, among many other different situations.

Burger King has expanded its gluten-free offerings. Those of us with celiac disease have more options than just a burger with ketchup. You may have heard that the fries are not suitable, now they are! Today we can order:

Another one of the fast food pizzerias that offer options suitable for people with celiac disease. The food is good and the quantity is reasonable for the price. In addition, Pomorodo guarantees that all products are made following a safety protocol. The price of each gluten free product is one euro more than the normal ones. The gluten free menu includes:

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Gluten-free Telepizza

As usual, in addition to eating the pizza in situ in one of their stores, you can order it to be delivered to your home from their website. You can pay with your card at the time of purchase, in cash when it is delivered to your home or with your card when it is delivered to your home.

To order a gluten free pizza from the web, we will choose the option “pizza Margarita” individual and in the dough option choose “gluten free”. There used to be a separate “gluten free” option but now it is inside the Margarita pizza.

To make your gluten free pizza as cheap as possible (17€), you can only put three units distributed as you want. For example, one unit for York, one for bacon and one for chicken. Another option if you do not like one of the ingredients is to put two units for another. For example you can put 0 units of York and 3 units of bacon.

Anyway, don’t worry too much about the price because there are always promotions available and the final price will be cheaper than the initial one. For example there is usually a 2×1 promotion even if you order a second pizza with gluten.

Domino’s lactose-free pizza

For a person with celiac disease, eating in a restaurant can be a nightmare, not only because of the possible lack of gluten-free food, but also because of the transfer of gluten proteins from one food to another: the dreaded cross-contamination. Because of this, more and more supermarkets and restaurants are beginning to offer gluten-free alternatives.

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The Mediterranean restaurant El Juliana is located in Ronda de Don Bosco and is one of the best options in the city to enjoy a gluten-free meal. On the website of the restaurant we can find a menu of allergens which specifies all the products that can cause allergies that contain their dishes.

Mesón Aguia is undoubtedly one of the most recommended restaurants for celiacs in the city, as it dedicates a large section of the menu to specially prepared gluten-free dishes, even desserts! We can find this establishment in Aguia Street.

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In Glotones Sin Gluten we have made a list of fast food restaurants that offer gluten free food. And so that going out for a quick drink is not synonymous with having a bad time, we tell you in detail what are the gluten free foods they offer and if they implement measures to avoid cross-contamination. This is a very complete guide that will help you to compare one with another, and choose beforehand where to go. Knowing in advance the most appropriate fast food restaurant for you will avoid frustrations when you arrive at the place. Consult our guide whenever you want!

REMEMBER! If you have celiac disease, ALWAYS let us know before placing your order. Communicating it is VERY IMPORTANT to take care of cross-contamination at all times without accidental oversights. If you do not inform us of this, it is possible that the food may be contaminated in the elaboration process, even if in principle the dish does not contain gluten.

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Check this list of 100 Montaditos to find out if the establishment you wish to visit avoids cross contamination